FireStorm in the Forest

- - - - FireStorm in the Forest  - - -  by Tim and Mary A Livingston.   Illustrated by Tim Livingston.  2006 Red Tail Publishing

FireStorm in the Forest presents wildfire and the healing role of people in the recovery from forest fire. From lightning strike, to firefighting, to rebuilding and restoring the land. This action-packed story for young readers teaches good stewardship and brings reassurance that the forest will recover after one of nature’s most turbulent events. Follow the journey of a young Red-tailed hawk as wildfire consumes all he knows of his home. Firefighters battle the blaze from land and air. People work hand-in-hand with nature to restore the forest. Accurate language, excellent color illustrations; a timely must with the approach of wildfire season.

Authors: Tim & Mary A Livingston
Illustrator: Tim Livingston

Red Tail Publishing 2006

Hardback ISBN 978-0-9635757-1-5
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9635757-4-6

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